Anton Räderscheidt - Selected Works

selected works
Returning from service in the First World War, Räderscheidt co-founded the Stupid collective with a group of local constructivists and Dadaists. His work developed in this ambitious and revolutionary context, evolving into something closer to a magic realist style largely featuring characters modelled on himself and his wife, the painter Martha Hegemann. The influence of metaphysical art is apparent in the way the mannequin-like figures stand detached from their environment and from each other. His works from this era are rare, because most of them were either seized by the Nazis as degenerate art and destroyed, or were destroyed in Allied bombing raids.
He created architectural monumental constructive paintings with monstrous figures in exalted bearings. These paintings had been exhibited in Paris in the Galerie de Beaune under the title: "Anton Räderscheidt -Les Monstres II. Räderscheidts unique and with evidence to the future painting at this time caused a sensation to the press and the critics. The painting Apollo and Daphne is a magnificent example of this period.