Bertozzi e Casoni

Bertozzi e Casoni

Giampaolo Bertozzi (Italian b. 1957) and Stefano Dal Monte Casoni (Italian b 1961)

Bertozzi & Casoni met while studying at the Ceramic Art College of Faenza. Soon thereafter they decided to work together in a collaborative artistic partnership.

They work with many different ceramic materials, using both tradition and experimentation in a continuous attempt to free themselves from conventionality and cultural stereotypes connected to ceramics and to the so-called applied arts.

The artistic research of this collaboration produces objects which link the past and the present along an axis; so that technique, objects, themes and clichés exist together on the same level with the same formal attention in a synthetic world made up of ironic naturalness.

Bertozzi & Casoni live and work in Italy.

Download Bertozzi E Casoni's CV in pdf format.