Gregor Gaida - Selected Works

selected works

The ornament has been studied in its millennia-old tradition not only as an art form, but also in it’s stylistic development and in the context of human perception. Merged in theartistic practice of Gregor Gaida are functions of the grid and the centralmotifs of ornamentation, such as symmetry, order and harmony.

In his new group of works, the sculptor Gregor Gaida transforms organic bodies and body parts into polygonal basic bodies. He frequently takes up details of an animal’s body whose form he duplicates and rotates around an axis or a point. Thus, a new self-contained form featuring almost crystalline structures evolves. In the element’s replication, one of the basic conditions of the ornament, Gaida combines the figurative with the abstract. The formerly familiar body thus becomes an ambivalent object of aesthetic reflection, both an appealing and repulsive curiosity which back then had its place in the cabinets of art and wonder.