Jonas Burgert - Selected Works

selected works

In this work from 2012, the German painter Jonas Burgert moves away from the crowed compositions of some of his larger works to focus on a single figure. Emerging from a darkened niche the figure reveals itself; a hybrid of human life and something altogether more sinister. Toxic coloured leaves sprout from the figures feet and arms obstructing the proper use of its limbs and a mummified hood is pulled back onto its forehead, the blackened pits of the empty eye sockets staring out of the canvas. The viewer falls under double observation.

Florescent splats of colour glow against the backdrop of pale hues. The interjection of lurid, artificial colours is typical of the artist and adds to the sense of unease that pervades the painting. The reoccurring motif of the target is also depicted in the right hand corner, a suggestion that the world constructed within the canvas is, in part, a violent game. However we are not sure what role this figure plays within this arena and whether they belong to a vision of a netherworld, an unknown myth or a peculiar dream.