Polly Morgan - Selected Works

  • the 2 ways that a host will fend off a parasite- hide and fight. obviously with the hide aspect being a pun on the hide of the stag
  • dead tree, garden of eden
  • as in you can harbour a virus-parasite, a port, resting, refuelling place and entry point
  • Mushroom heads like a series of islands , evoes multitudes and Endless- ness
  • Great Spotted Woodpecker*
    • Great Spotted Woodpecker*
selected works

Polly Morgan’s love for animals inspired her desire to learn how to preserve them under the tutelage of taxidermist George Jamieson. Her intention has never been to mimic the natural habitats of animals, as they are traditionally displayed, but to place them in less expected scenery. The scale and settings are often unnatural, but the animals are never anthropomorphised. Seeing them out of place encourages us to look at them as if for the first time; a rat sheds its association with horror and disease and can be rightly viewed as a beautiful animal.