Reece Jones
selected works

When does something become cinema? What are the limits of the ‘total art’ of cinema and what lies just beyond them, in its peripheries?

CINEMA presents work of artists from Belgium and abroad that use cinematographic procedures, but do not produce cinema in the strict sense of the word. With existing works as well as works that were made on site, the exhibition sketches a broad image of art that is related to cinema.

All the invited artists or artworks are strongly influenced by cinema, or work with one or more of its building blocks: narrative structures, settings, soundscapes, scenery and requisites, artificial lighting, apparatus... Nonetheless they are not cinematographers in the strict sense, but rather visual artist that productively penetrate the domain of cinema.

The opening of the exhibition will be linked to the ‘silence weekend’ that is part of the celebration of 800 years of city rights in Lier (from the 11th to the 13nd of May 2012). During this weekend, Voorkamer presents ‘ON AIR’, a two evening screening programme on the courtyard of the ‘Heilige Geest’-site, which will be transformed into an open air cinema. Next to that, Voorkamer will also move outside with this exhibition and present a few works in town.


Michael Ballou (US), Perry Bard (US), Tomas Boiy (BE), Roderik Bösensell (BE), Samir Boudia (BE), Jens Brand (DE), collectif_fact (CH), Dawn Clements (US), Robert Currie (UK), Jonas Dahlberg (SWE), Rik De Boe (BE), Nathan De Beuckeleer (BE), Babs Decruynaere (BE), Paul DeMarinis (US), Karel Doing (NL), Constant Dullaart (NL), Glenn Geerinck (BE), Elias Heuninck (BE), Kiel Johnson (US), Reece Jones (UK), G. Leddington (UK), Jason Lazarus (US), Adrian Lohmüller (DE), Alex Mackenzie (CAN), Elizabeth McAlpine (UK), Peter Miller (US), Laetitia Molenaar (NL), Alexandra Navratil (CH), Gábor Osz (HU/NL), Andrei Roiter (RU), Kelly Sears (UK), Bas Schevers (NL), Wim van der Linden (NL) & Wim T. Schippers (NL), Guy Sherwin (UK), John Smith (UK), Patrick Vanden Eynde (BE) Ron van der Ende (NL), Joep van Liefland (NL), Robin Waart (NL)


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