Fatal Attempts at Re-entry

Reece Jones
One Man Chapel

The drawings are created through a process of drawing and erasure - the former representing the planned, cognitive part of the process and the latter that left to chance. Most importantly, this process draws attention to the surface of the picture which is characterised by vertical lines - the sanding process is purely mechanical and does not bow to the niceties or otherwise of the image. A battle for dominance is enacted, a push and pull between the material needs of the process and the unfolding narrative.

In the heavily worked black areas, details come in and out of focus but essentially add up to a scene to which we can relate. A dramatic happening, wrought through the exposed areas of the white paper, disrupts any slight suggestion of normality. These ambiguous, hallucinatory events are hybrids of the man-made and natural - some resemble comets, others space craft, or moths.