Unnatural - Natural History

Kate MccGwire
selected works

Unnatural - Natural History is an artistic exploration of an alternative world. It is a world where the dominant species are not human and natural objects are metamorphosed into unexpected and unnatural forms. A place in which genetic mutations and environmental pressure have altered the natural course of evolution.

Chippy Coates, one half of Coates and Scarry says “ We asked artists from around the world to explore the theme of “unnatural natural history” and the results are diverse and alluring. It’s a blend of innovative art, creative ideas and lateral thinking.” With this in mind, the exhibition looks to create a stir and stimulate rigorous discussion as to what can be considered natural.

For the 35 local and international artists exhibiting – some in the UK, or Bristol, for the first time – heightened environmental awareness has doubtlessly been influential in their work. One of the exceptional artists in the show, Kate MccGwire, who uses a powerful and challenging medium in itself creating otherworldly sculptural forms from feathers. MccGwire’s incredible feathered installations have been shown across the world, but it’s the first time the artist has been displayed in Bristol.

One artist included sure to provoke controversy is Erik Sandberg who portrays children with hairy faces and Bristol’s famed preoccupation means that Belgian born and bred ROA will be a welcome addition to the community. His giant greyscale animals truly bring wit, skill and art to the urban device. Italian Marco Mazzoni weaves a world based on Italian folklore of mystical women who seduce, bewitch, curse and cure, complementing Bristol-based Rose Sanderson, who has made a name for herself adorning the stripped surfaces used by her painter and decorator father with butterflies and birds.

Previous Coates and Scarry exhibitions include collaborations with the Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery on Art on the New World, 2010, and the Modern Fabulists group show, 2011, plus other international exhibitions.

List of Exhibiting Artists

Angela Singer, Geza Szollosi, Kate MccGwire, Nick Bright, Meryl Donoghue, Natalie Shau, Patrick Haines, Karen Akester, Beth Carter, Jessica Joslin, Troy Abbott, Chantal Powell, Dean Melbourne, Susie MacMurray. Christopher Russell, Angela Lizon, Rose Sanderson, Pitch Tangpun, Nicole EtienneErik Mark Sandberg, Marco Mazzoni, Deedee Cheriel, Heiko Muller, Corine Perier, Luis Sanchez, Christian Rex van Minnen, Scott G Brooks, Fulivio Di Piazza, Laura Ball, Lindsey Carr, Rupert Bathurst, Ryan McLennan, ROA CASE, Pure Evil


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