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Beck & Eggeling are happy to exhibit sculptures by the Italian artist duo Giampaolo Bertozzi and Stefano Dal Monte Casoni from April 13 to June 1, 2013 in their premises in Düsseldorf. The opening reception takes place on Friday, April 12, 2013 at 6 pm in Bilker Straße 4-6. The artists will be present.


Impermanence is the central theme of Bertozzi & Casoni's considerations of the present. With keen attention and in an ironic manner, the artists, through the expansion of our visions, remind us of the fact that life is finite, but they also make us remember that the impermanence can lead to regeneration - They rekindle thoughts of a time thereafter.


Made of ceramic, the works impressively combine traditional craftsmanship with contemporary, socially critical issues. Their dazzling photographic "flashes" in "ceramic policroma" have anything but soothing intentions. Thus, the artist duo is concerned with memories of the great tradition of topics such as "vanitas" or "memento mori", and they make imaginative discoveries in contemporary "Magma".


Bertozzi & Casoni deal with issues and insoluble puzzles which are characterized not only by the present but represent a general human condition. To say it with the words of the poet Eugenio Montale, "but in the waiting, the joy is already achieved."


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