10 000 Hours

Charles Matton / Polly Morgan
selected works

With 10,000 hours designated by the sociologist Richard Sennett, the number of hours that we need to learn a trade properly. The exhibition features works by two dozen artists different attitudes to craft art forms and explores the question of how important the craft in contemporary art plays.


The position of the craft has changed fundamentally in the arts in recent decades. Since the 1960s began with the questioning of the traditional art system and the outbreak of art from museums to their early development, which moved the traditional realms of art and its techniques more and more from the center of attention. Recently, however, is again a great interest in topics noticeably associated with the term of the craft are very closely connected. The exhibition project "10,000 hours. About crafts, and mastery in the art of failure "focuses on the importance of crafts and craft techniques in contemporary art and presents them for discussion. They circled the topoi "art", "craft", "Championship", "failure" and "Time" with works by thirty artists who were selected according to various criteria. You may own their affinity for craftsmanship, whether in the choice of medium, in the kind of work ethic or thematically or conceptually.


Participating artists: Wilfrid Almendra, Copa & Sordes, myvillage.org, Wilfredo Diaz Valdez, Rainer Ganahl, Alex van Gelder / Louise Bourgeois, Arno Hassler, Christine and Irene Hohenbüchler, Daniela Keiser, Reto Leibundgut, Charles Matton, Polly Morgan, Rando Moricca, Mai-Thu Perret, Grayson Perry, Michael Rea, Roland Roos, Ursula Rutishauser, Katja Schenker (, Loredana Sperini, Marion Strunk, Rosemarie Trockel, Eric Weber, Nadja Wüthrich